Roots : A Golfing Road Trip

While not all men golf and not all golfers are men, there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between golf and fathers. Golf and Father’s Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. Nothing illustrates this more than the fact that the US Open always #388concludes on Father’s day. It just seems natural, part of the landscape. As we look forward to this year’s tournament, with the indulgence of my friends at Green Woods CC, my thoughts go backwards, to my roots in Golf. To where my love of the game started, by my Dad.

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The “Mojo” Perspective

The Game of Golf from an Amateurs Point of View22273300315_9db058a7ed_z



Amateurs view


Just for starters, I am not a PGA professional and no, I can’t fix your slice, but what I hopefully can help you with is the philosophy of golf that I have learned in the past and what I am still learning today. Continue reading

Fling Golf

I blame Tiger Woods. He was the cause in the rise of golf’s popularity, yet his downfall took it’s toll as well. The golf business has struggled with ways to bring it back. The large organizations have come up with programs like Play Golf America, or Play 9. Other people have tried to think more outside the box, coming up with ways to use golf courses in untraditional ways. If you are a fan of soccer, try FootGolf. Are you someone who likes to throw the Frisbee around?Turn pro and join the Professional Disc Golf Association. I am intrigued by Fling Golf.

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