Soccer + Golf = A Pulled Hamstring

For the last two years, I have planned a week of vacation for the first week in March to warm and sunny Florida. The plan was to have some nice weather and return to New England just a little time before Spring arrives. Last year we returned to two feet of snow and this year we are looking at our fourth storm since returning. It seems clear that I need a different plan for next year. Since I had already had a golf vacation with the boys from Green Woods earlier in February, this vacation was to be more relaxing, with no golf. But since Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course was part of our resort at Saratoga Resort and Spa, I decided to do my best Mike Bush impression and headed over to the range to prepare for the coming season.

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We have our own “Road Hole”

There is a long tradition in golf to give holes names, either because of a distinctive feature or to fit in with a narrative for the course. One of the most famous named holes is the 17th at the Old Course in St. Andrews. This is the “Road Hole” with its distinctive pebbly road running adjacent to the green. At Green Woods CC. we have our own road hole, not nearly as famous,  the driveway crossing the fairway on #2. Another famous hole is the par 3 eighth at Royal Troon, known as “The Postage Stamp” for its small green. At only 123 yards, this hole has been a real test at The Open because of the diabolical nature of the green. Here’s a fun fact, “The Postage Stamp” green measures 2635 square feet, the ninth green at Green Woods measures by my rough calculations at about 5000 square feet. Think about the upper green on #1 from 123 yards surrounded by pot bunkers in gale force winds.  Continue reading

Roots : A Golfing Road Trip

While not all men golf and not all golfers are men, there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between golf and fathers. Golf and Father’s Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. Nothing illustrates this more than the fact that the US Open always #388concludes on Father’s day. It just seems natural, part of the landscape. As we look forward to this year’s tournament, with the indulgence of my friends at Green Woods CC, my thoughts go backwards, to my roots in Golf. To where my love of the game started, by my Dad.

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