Fling Golf

I blame Tiger Woods. He was the cause in the rise of golf’s popularity, yet his downfall took it’s toll as well. The golf business has struggled with ways to bring it back. The large organizations have come up with programs like Play Golf America, or Play 9. Other people have tried to think more outside the box, coming up with ways to use golf courses in untraditional ways. If you are a fan of soccer, try FootGolf. Are you someone who likes to throw the Frisbee around?Turn pro and join the Professional Disc Golf Association. I am intrigued by Fling Golf.

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While we don’t have Chris Berman of SportsCenter fame around, at Green Woods CC we have a fair share of nicknames. Some are brought like baggage when you arrive, some are bestowed upon you by your fellow members. Some are descriptive like “Corkscrew”. Others are less descriptive and more alliterative like “Long Ball Thrall”. Some are both, “Arty the one man Party” comes to mind.

Yesterday we heard the story of how Gary Albers got the nickname of “Bub”. According to Rob Sorvillo, Gary was going thru a particularly tough time with his golf game, so much so that his ball was ending up in the bushes all the time. Getting tired of pointing this out over and over, Rob shortened “Ball Under Bushes” to “Bub”. Gary, on the other hand, thinks Rob, as a new member couldn’t remember his name so he just called him “Bub”.

Do you have a story about how a nickname came to be? Please share in the comment section. Don’t forget to vote in our poll on whether you believe Robbie or Gary.

The Mystery in the Sand

This Sunday Joe “Mojo” Santoro found strange markings in the sand traps. We need your help in identifying what caused this bizarre occurrence. Help us,please vote in our poll below.