The “Mojo” Perspective

The Game of Golf from an Amateurs Point of View22273300315_9db058a7ed_z



Amateurs view


Just for starters, I am not a PGA professional and no, I can’t fix your slice, but what I hopefully can help you with is the philosophy of golf that I have learned in the past and what I am still learning today. Continue reading


What’s wrong with this picture?

WP_20150509_001Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture? It’s Green Woods’ parking lot at 5:45 PM on Saturday. Where is everyone? Didn’t we just spend a brutal winter with no golf. Except for you lucky souls who departed to warmer climates. As much as I enjoy having the course to myself, you are missing a great opportunity on late weekend afternoons. Do you know who it would be great to see playing at this time?

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Any one can play

Golf is a unique sport. It can be exhilarating and exasperating.193

The exasperating part is probably why the bar does so well. But there are two features of golf that make it different from any other sport, they are what define the uniqueness of golf. Continue reading