We have our own “Road Hole”

There is a long tradition in golf to give holes names, either because of a distinctive feature or to fit in with a narrative for the course. One of the most famous named holes is the 17th at the Old Course in St. Andrews. This is the “Road Hole” with its distinctive pebbly road running adjacent to the green. At Green Woods CC. we have our own road hole, not nearly as famous,  the driveway crossing the fairway on #2. Another famous hole is the par 3 eighth at Royal Troon, known as “The Postage Stamp” for its small green. At only 123 yards, this hole has been a real test at The Open because of the diabolical nature of the green. Here’s a fun fact, “The Postage Stamp” green measures 2635 square feet, the ninth green at Green Woods measures by my rough calculations at about 5000 square feet. Think about the upper green on #1 from 123 yards surrounded by pot bunkers in gale force winds. Augusta National has names for all of their holes, but they do it a little differently. All the holes are named after flowering shrubs or trees, and/or aromatic trees or shrubs. It’s a nod to the heritage of the property on which Augusta National now sits. When the club’s founders purchased the land, it had been a plant nursery named Fruitland Nurseries. Each hole at Augusta National also showcases the plant after which it is named. For example, #5 is magnolia, the famous par three 12th is golden bell, thirteen is azalea and eighteen is holly.

So I starting thinking what would be good names for the holes at Green Woods that would be distinctive to those holes, while being true to Green Woods. The answer was clear, name them after trees. Here are my choices.

  1. Sugar Maple– if you’ve missed the fairway right, you’ve had to deal with them.
  2. White Pine– Just take a look at the picture above and you know what I mean.
  3. Flowering Pear– The series planted along the fence line will grow into a feature while also shielding wayward shots.
  4. Weeping Willow– They tried to cut it down once, but it is making a comeback and will just get bigger
  5. Split Pine– Why Green Woods is the most famous ten hole course in America.
  6. Red Maple – Stands out amongst the row of trees that split #6 and #7.
  7. Green Apple– “It went straight at the apple tree” is a phrase heard once or twice on the 7th tee.
  8. Cat Tails – Ok, I’m cheating a little on this one as they’re not trees, but they’re getting pretty tall
  9. Bobby’s Fir – I hope this tree survives, it’s not looking good. Would have to be replaced to keep those long hitters in check.

So there are my choices. Did I incorrectly identify some trees? Do you have better names? Let me know in the comments.


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