Fling Golf

I blame Tiger Woods. He was the cause in the rise of golf’s popularity, yet his downfall took it’s toll as well. The golf business has struggled with ways to bring it back. The large organizations have come up with programs like Play Golf America, or Play 9. Other people have tried to think more outside the box, coming up with ways to use golf courses in untraditional ways. If you are a fan of soccer, try FootGolf. Are you someone who likes to throw the Frisbee around?Turn pro and join the Professional Disc Golf Association. I am intrigued by Fling Golf.

flingOk, so what is Fling Golf? I will let their website describe it;

“FlingGolf is a killer new sport that is played with just one FlingStick to hurl a golf ball down a golf course, with players expertly shaping their shots from tee to hole.  Just like snowboarding to skiing, Flingers can play on the same course, even in the same foursome as golfers.  Golf courses love it because it is bringing awesome new players out and players love it because it is so easy to get started and wicked fun to play.  Get your FlingStick here, get out on the course, and be the future of the fairway!”

I think this could be a fun alternative for those who struggle with golf or just a cool break for something different.

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