Animated Green Woods

Today’s smartphones are incredible devices. Need a GPS, it’s got that, maps? yep, what’s the weather ?sure. I can watch a movie, read a book, get all the latest news with just touch of the screen. Flashlight, pedometer, measuring tape, if you need it , there’s an app for it. There’s a security feature where it only opens using my fingerprint. It’s like I got it from Q branch(that’s a James Bond reference). All the information of the internet is right there and it has more computing power than what it took to get Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the other guy ( wait let me google that) Michael Collins to the moon. For golf, it can tell me the rules, the yardage, keep my score and keep track of all those little side bets like sandies and barkies. On a recent morning, while donating my $3 to the early morning weekday crowd, I decided to experiment with the camera. Not only does it take great pictures, there are a ton of modes and filters to play around with. I tried the animated GIF. The camera takes a series of continuous pictures and stitches them together to create something like those flip books you used to do as a kid. It’s kind of like a video but it’s not. More like a Disney movie that’s not a cartoon. Here is one of Mr. Salomone.



Here is Mr. Bray chipping onto the 14th green.





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