Two weeks to go

It has been a long and difficult season, but we are nearing the end for the Thursday Night Men’s League. Some teams may feel they have a playoff spot locked up, others are out of it. But a great many teams still have a mathematical shot of getting in. A lot of conversations with hypotheticals like, if we take 5 points and they take 2 1/2 then we’ll get in. Some of the biggest shots will be hit as darkness falls on Green Woods CC.

WP_20150919_001Other leagues have embraced technology, but on Thursday night no computers are involved. Mr. Paul O’Neil still maintains the standings on poster board with a marker and White out, plenty of White out. If you can’t figure the standings out, there are two divisions with the top 12 in one and the bottom 12 in the other. Four teams in each division make the playoffs , with 3 points up for grabs each week, there are a number of teams still in the hunt. Good luck to all, play well.


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