Stan Part III – Family Man

When it comes to Green Woods Country Club, for the Staszowski’s it is a family affair. Take a walk down the hallway and have a look at the winners of the Club Championship. Here’s a hint, one name dominates the list. And that doesn’t include a young relation by the name of Vaccari.


Here’s another story from The First Hundred Years:

Joe and Aniela Staszowksi purchased a house on the
course’s northside in 1920. Joe worked at the American
Brass company in Torrington during the week. On Sundays,
he helped out a man named Bachman with mowing the green
fairways at the local golf course. Bachman was the head
groundskeeper and club manager. Joe used his own horse to
pull a three-unit mower. The third mower, centered behind
the other two, helped keep the fairways short and rolling in
those days. He mowed the greens with a push mower.Picture16

Joe’s work paid off, as he was offered a full-time summer gig.
American Brass executive Frank Klein was a GreenWoods’
member and let Joe take the summers off to work at the club.
Joe learned club manager duties, too, and when Mr. Bachman
died, he took over. Two other men—a Mr. Lewis and a Mr.
Alcide LaMontagne were hired to work the grounds to help
Joe. During the winter, two of Joe’s sons, Frank and Stan,
would drive their horse and sled to West Hill Pond, cut blocks
of ice from the frozen pond, and haul them to GreenWoods to
keep the refrigerators cool. Aniela Staszowski had a part in the
business, cleaning towels and making sure the members had
everything they needed in the clubhouse.


The Staszowski boys carried on their dad’s tradition after
patriarch Joe died unexpectedly in 1936. Stan Staszowski
officially began his tenure as head pro, club manager and
greenskeeper that year. Five years later, he was drafted into
the service.
During the war years, his brother, Frank, took over. He was
famous for his meatloaf sandwiches and smacking the greens
with a bamboo stick to remove the early morning dew. One
morning, he allegedly whipped the bamboo so hard it
accidentally knocked a golfer’s ball into the cup


Looks like Scooter learned from the best.


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