Stan Part II, The Player

In addition to all the great things he did for Green Woods, Stan could play a little too. In 1968 he won the Connecticut PGA Championship, the oldest and longest running Professional Golf Tournament in Connecticut. Here is Stan holding the trophy 46 years after winning it.Picture21

Here is Stan competing  in the Connecticut Open


                                                                                             Stan and Dick Henage after setting a record at the CT   Pro  Officer Championship.


Part of the inaugural class of the CTPGA Hall of Fame

He also played in the GHO, here he is with the great Lee Trevino.Picture7Which leads to my favorite story:From the First Hundred Years

Trevino Owes Green Woods
a Trophy
It was 1938 when a lovely woman golfer came to the
pro shop to return a complete set of Helen Hicks irons.
Hicks was a popular pro in the 1920s and 1930s. The
woman was getting on in age and decided to give up the
game. “They’ve given me everything. I’m ready to let
someone else enjoy them.”
So she gave her clubs to Green Woods.
Stan Staszowski, the pro, stored the Hicks set in the pro shop.
They sat there for years. No one touched them, except for the
occasional dusting. Then one day years later, professional Lee
Trevino was in town and he came to the course during a stop
in Connecticut. He was puttering around and saw the old
Hicks irons in the pro shop. He pulled out the wedge and
went out to the ninth green to hit a few.
He must have liked it. Because when he came back in, he
told everyone that Stan was about to lose a golf club. Trevino
offered to pay, but Stan insisted he take it as a gift.
What a gift—Trevino went on to win the British Open with
that club. He made a number of key up and downs with the
old Hicks wedge. He even talked about his lucky club during
a post-tournament TV interview. But he never mentioned
Green Woods, nor that woman who was kind enough to
share her irons.

I’m sure there is more. If you have some great stories just email them in or let us know in the comment section.


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