This week is all about the man whose name is synonymous with Green Woods Country Club. The Stan Open will be held on Saturday July 25th, but let’s build up to that with some pictures and history. What follows is some history as remembered by Stan. More info can be found in the brochure Green Woods The First Hundred Years Picture1

The original course was 6 holes; it was played 3 times to make a round of 18 holes. That covered the current 1, 2, 3, and 9. Later after all 9 were built we termed playing the “loop” as that same combination. The dues for members were $25 for men, $18 for women. Tennis dues were $6, the courts were on the north side of the clubhouse where the parking lot is now.

In 1929 the deep well was drilled to 64 feet and water was piped around the course above ground to tees and greens.

The pump produced 60 gallons a minute and 3 greens could be watered at a time. Help worked all night in July and August changing sprinklers. Greens were mowed by hand each day and fairways were mowed twice a week. We pulled the mowers to the greens with two wheels hand trucks but it was fun mowing in bare feet! We brushed the greens with bamboo poles beforehand to remove the dew and worm casts. Chemicals were applied with a hose, barrel and hand pump for pressure.
Picture2The bar was small and members brought their own liquor and we provided glasses, mixers, a cooler, ice, water, and soda. Hot water was heated by a coal stove.
Later we provided beer from the refrigerator in the old kitchen (the back part of today’s pro shop). We made sandwiches at home and put them on the bar in a picnic basket.
My earliest recollections of work being done on the original course date back to 1932. We cleared the woods and removed stones with a horse, chain and stone boat for the fourth and fifth holes. Four was 160 yards and five was 350 yards long.
Picture3In 1935 the Lamontangue property now 6 and 7 was purchased for around 80,000 dollars. The home and 1 acre of land was sold off. I suggested making the home our clubhouse with lots of room for parking, a practice area and green,
but the board thought the clubhouse should stay in Winsted. At that time there were directors from both towns. The two holes were finished by 1937.
The pond was dug in the mid to late 50’s using the soil to cover the wall on the right of #6 and the parking area south of the clubhouse. The deepest part of the pond measured 26 feet.

Check back all week long for more posts on Stan


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