The Art of Porch Sitting

“Porch sitting is a leisure activity which can be a direct or indirect form of social interaction. This activity helps contribute to a lively atmosphere, for those sitting and also for those passing by. This activity is most common during good weather, especially on warm summer weekends. Our lives have become incredibly jammed with too much stuff. The porch is a place to slow down, sit back and just tell stories that celebrate our triumphs. It’s a place to just be.”
There have been many famous porch sitters throughout history. Mark Twain was a porch sitter and James Garfield waged a “front-porch campaign” for the U.S. presidency in 1880, meeting and greeting farmers and other folks on his own front porch in Ohio.
Porch Sitting (or Patio Sitting) is a great way to finish your round of golf at Green Woods. It’s good to be hanging out with friends, laughing, exchanging stories and telling jokes…(ask Walter about Luigi and his shoes, ask Steve about the penguin). And when you’ve had a rough day on the golf course, somehow you always feel better when you go home after porch sitting.
In accordance with the Green Woods Porch Sitters bylaws, we adhere to the following Rules and Regulations:
• No Rules
• No Regulations
• No Agendas
• No Dues
• No Committees
• No Scheduled Meetings
• No Membership Requirements
• No Meeting Minutes
And whether your choice is an Arnold Palmer or a John Daley, either one is a perfect accompaniment to porch sitting at Green Woods. So……
“Come sit on the porch with me. The drinks are cold and the friendship is free.”

Special Guest Contributor

Denise Sorvillo


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