The Best 10 Hole Course in Connecticut

In the most recent issue of the CSGA Digital Links Magazine, there is a feature titled Time for Nine, about the best nine-hole courses in Connecticut. In fact, this article is an off shoot of a Golf Digest one on the Best in the USA . After I recovered from my outrage that Green Woods CC was not included on either list, I realized that we are in fact a 10 hole course, the only one in Connecticut, and one of three in the whole country (so I’ve been told). For an interesting read on how Green Woods CC came to be, check out this booklet created for our Centennial Celebration. Green Woods Country Club- The First Hundred Years.GWCC

Here are some of my favorite items in the booklet.

#2) “This used to be the 9th hole. In fact, the ladies’ tee
markers on 1 used to be the 9th green. There was a long
stone wall that stretched across holes 1, 2 and 9. A small
opening let players through. You would get a free drop
no closer to the hole if you hit your ball into the wall.”

#3)”Caddies used to hide behind a stone area to the right of
the 3rd hole and watch players hit down. A metal flag
rested in the middle of the 3rd fairway as a guide for
players to hit into the blind par-3.”

22#4)”The old fourth green used to be near the current 8th tee.”

#5)”The fifth green was back near the current 3rd green.
It was a congested area to be sure.”

#6)”The club bought land from the LaMontange family in
1936 to construct the 6th and 7th. The original design
plans for the 6th called for a more difficult dogleg. The
green would have sat farther right in the woods. But
wetlands issues prevented construction there.”

#7)”Likewise, the 7th would have been longer and more of
a dogleg. The plans called for the tee to be set down
near the current 6th green. “

#9)”Always the closing hole, but for years it was the 6th. The
old 6th green used to be off to the left of the current 9th
green, and much smaller”

#14)”Added in 1980, The club built the hole
using money from the sale of land that
is now part of Route 8.”

It is also true that the driving range was at one time the first fairway. You can really appreciate the design of the hole from the new member practice area on the far end of the driving range.

We all know that Nine is Fine at Green Woods (thanks Tracy), but Ten is Even Better.



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