What’s wrong with this picture?

WP_20150509_001Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture? It’s Green Woods’ parking lot at 5:45 PM on Saturday. Where is everyone? Didn’t we just spend a brutal winter with no golf. Except for you lucky souls who departed to warmer climates. As much as I enjoy having the course to myself, you are missing a great opportunity on late weekend afternoons. Do you know who it would be great to see playing at this time?

Kids, fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks(sorry got distracted), your kids, your grand kids, your neighbors’ kids, kids down the street, well you get the idea. You know who else? Your wife who doesn’t golf but would like to try, your girlfriend, her friends, basically anyone who is new to golf. Green Woods CC is here to help because they can play our Family Course. And guess what, they can play for $1 a hole. Want to play the loop? 4 dollars. Feel like you can go all nine, about the cost of a movie, $9. Cart fees remain the same. Don’t have clubs, well thru the generosity of our members we have a lending library of clubs for beginners to borrow and return. Have more questions? Check with Golf Shop. Now let’s keep that parking lot full and stay tuned for more news.


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