Any one can play

Golf is a unique sport. It can be exhilarating and exasperating.193

The exasperating part is probably why the bar does so well. But there are two features of golf that make it different from any other sport, they are what define the uniqueness of golf. First, you can play at almost any age. If you can walk, you can golf (Actually this might not be exactly right, many people golf with varying physical handicaps). Anyways, you can start as a kid, and as some of our Members prove every day, continue to golf well into your “golden” years. But you can also start at any age, it’s never too late. Golf truly is the sport of a lifetime.

Second, you can play with anyone. I can’t play one on one with LeBron James, but if we get the handicap numbers right, I can have a competitive match with Rory Mcilroy. Maybe you aren’t interested in a match, you can still play with other golfers of differing skills. Just play the course as best suits you, ultimately it’s you against the course. Just pick some nice companions to share it with you.

DSCN6982 DSCN6981

At Green Woods CC we are committed to providing fun golfing opportunities for all. What you see pictured are our new Tee markers for our Family Course. They are there to help young golfers and beginners play from appropriate yardage. Just tee it up within two club lengths of the marker(no closer to the hole) and fire away. The Blue marker is Level 1 for golfers who hit their driver about 100 yards. Level 2 is gold and for when you start hitting it 150 yards. As you improve go back to the next set of tees.


Here is a copy of the Family Course Scorecard, pick one up at the Golf Shop and give it a try. As you can see, the course has a rating and slope for handicaps from the Connecticut State Golf Association. Even a beginner can put their scores in, start them right. We’ll have more info and some fun events as we move forward, stay tuned.

Do you have a young golfer just getting started? Check out this guide from US Kids Golf. It’s free to download and print.                             Early Start Booklet


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