The Legend of The Beater Bird

There’s a story that tells of an animal so secretive and mysterious that no one has ever spotted it. But if you frequent the hills of Northwest Connecticut and walk thru it’s Green Woods, you may hear it’s call, and it will strike fear into your very soul. You may never see the infamous Beater Bird, but you will hear it, even before the ripples dissipate on the pond from your tee shot. Some say it sounds like Spi——na, Spi——na, or Schal—–ler, Schal—–ler. But it clearly is beat——er, beat—–er. Once you hear it, you will never be the same. It calls to you, Beat—–er, Beat—–er.

It shows up when you least expect it. If you listen closely to our radio commercial on WZBG 97.3 FM, you will hear the Beater Bird in the background. It really is a sneaky creature, but to be fair, it does follow Tracy Walton around quite a bit.


Here is an example of the call of the Beater Bird in the wild.

[audio ]

So next time your shot is bouncing down the road to the Cornucopia, or heading OB, on it’s way to Route 8, or you are three putting for the fifth time that round, which is great because it means you haven’t four putted. Just know there is a creature in the trees mocking your efforts, but take comfort because in the end we are all beaters. ram (2)

In fact, we should probably change our mascot from the Ram or Goat or whatever that thing is, to The Beater Bird. It’s Green Woods CC in it’s truest form, and we kind of like it that way.






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