Practice Facility?

When is a Driving Range no longer a Driving Range? divots               When it grows up to be a Practice Facility. Scott, Jim and the Staff are working on modifications and enhancements to the range, in order to take it from a place where you hits balls, to a place where you work on your “golf game”. First we must change perception, so no more range, that’s a place to pound balls. Now we have a place to work on our games, a Practice Facility. It may not be completely there yet, but we are on our way. Listen for our Spring promotion on WZBG 97.3 FM, featuring our Practice Facility.

DSC03911  Let’s look at what has been accomplished so far. First, there is a new ball picker, which will save a lot of time and keep us well stocked with balls. Posts have been placed at measured yardage. Red striped is 100 yards from the center of the teeing area. The white post is 150 yards and the blue striped post is 200 yards. The 250 yard sign is still there. A practice net has been placed at 50 yards as a target, see if you can hit them into the net. DRT Divot Pattern12x12 condensed A new hitting area is being created on the far side of the range to create more hitting stations. This area will be designated as “Members Only”. From this area the blue post is 90 yards away and flags are set at 120 yards to the left and 110 yards to the right. A new path is being built for carts behind the maintenance building to get to this area.

In order to maximize the enjoyment and use of the Practice Facility, proper range etiquette is a necessity. The graphics included with this post illustrate the best practice in creating divots to maintain the turf areas. For a more detailed explanation check out our Video Gallery . It is there for all of us, so please use it wisely.

Remember Jim is watching you.



2 thoughts on “Practice Facility?

  1. I very seldom use this space but you people have done a remarkable improvement to an area that needed some help. Thanks for all you hard work.

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