April 20th Recap

What a great weekend for golf. woodlandWe got off to a Rocking start on Friday night with Woodland.

Saturday was Art Mattiello’s birthday. Happy Birthday Art!! Did you know that Art has had 7 hole in ones? Three on #3, Three on #8, and one someplace else. Why were you playing someplace else?
Do you have more than Art? Is this the year for your first ace? Tradition calls for the golfer who makes the hole in one to buy drinks at the bar for everyone. If you want to be prepared to celebrate your ace, consider joining the Hole in One Pool. Entry is at the Golf Shop and is only $5.

Sunday was another beautiful day, matches were won and lost. Results for the weekend sweeps are posted on the board outside the Golf Shop. New Members, did you know about the Match Book?matchbook
The Match Book is a convenience for members to set up foursomes to play on weekend mornings or Friday afternoons. It is a planning tool for the weekends to come. It is easy to use and available for any member, just put your name or the names in your group on the day you wish to have a match. If you are looking for someone to play with, just put your name in as looking, groups are always looking to add a fourth. Important to remember, this does not give you a Tee Time, someone in your group must still contact the Golf Shop for the Tee Time. The Match book is located at the end of the bar on the left hand side.

The ABCD Spring Kickoff is this Sunday, April 26th. Spots are still available, but filling up fast. The signup sheet is on the board outside the Golf Shop.






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