Rob Sorvillo

Here it is, I know you’ve been waiting for it. Golf season is here, robbieand next week will bring the start of another year for the Thursday Night Men’s League.The spotlight this week will be on one of the founding members, Rob Sorvillo.By the way, if you are interested in participating in any of the sporting pools at GWCC,Robbie is the man to see. I’m guessing the Kentucky Derby should be up first.

When did you join Green Woods? 1988

What is your favorite event? The 3 day member/member is my favorite.

Do you have a favorite moment or story to share?

Playing in the Thursday night league is something I look forward to every week. Lou Marinelli and I began the league 25 years ago with 40 members. But first, we had to go before the Board of Directors for approval to start up a new league. We knew that some of the Board members were not in favor of the idea and I remember how it felt a little scary standing in front of them as we made our proposal. barBut we assured them that the league would contribute to the welfare of the club. And by using a portion of the dues we collected to join the league, over the first few years we managed to purchase a ball picker for the driving range, contributed to the cost of the fountain in the 8th pond and donated towards the installation of many benches along the course. So after all these years and with over 40 members now, I am proud to say the league is still going strong!                                          denise


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