Know your Pro

With the golf season finally on us, we are going to change things up a bit. kids1Monday will feature weekend recaps, the latest news and updates for coming events. Plus, there may be a few other surprises. Look for the Member Spotlights later in the week. Today we have something I like to call, “Know your Pro”.Here are three questions for Scott.

1) What’s the best dish ever made for you by Chef Nick Spina of Bogey’s Restaurant at Stan’s Place at Green Woods CC?
DINNER- hands down Penne Alla Vodka little extra sauce, and couple pieces of garlic bread, my favorite- love dipping and mopping up the bowl with the bread. Yummy, can’t wait! LUNCH- Love his Clam Chowder on those certain cold, rainy, raw days, followed by either a Chicken Ranch wrap, or a Chicken BBQ veggie wrap with a mound of fries. IT’S A LIFESTYLE BILLY!

2) What’s your favorite hole at Green Woods CC and why?
I think we have great Par 3’s- love them both, #8 would be my Favorite (signature hole) only because I Aced it! My Favorite Par 4 approach shot is #6 especially when pin is front or back- tough to get it close, better off hitting it right in the middle. However, Green is so narrow and if you miss right or left, good luck with the up & down. FUN HOLE! I oddly like the challenge of the #14 Hole Par 5, this hole gets no respect 3 demanding shots to make it home safe, and I love looking back up the hill from around the 100 yard marker from an aesthetic view- It’s beautiful when fairways are stripped and leaves are changing, its picturesque New England. Not to mention it can make or break your round.molly
3) What’s your favorite event or tournament at GWCC? You can’t say the last one of the year.

Member Member Medley- To me this is a FUN tournament that any team can win, I love the 3 different formats, Best Ball, Scramble, and Scotch makes for exciting matches and pressure oriented golf, which to me is what I enjoy about the game. Some day’s Chicken, Some day’s Feathers.
I would be remiss to not mention the 3 Day Men’s Member Guest- Love the format, always comes down to the wire and 1/2 points becoming crucial, lot of work, but, very rewarding when goes smoothly. Fun to show off our 100 plus year old golf course history and pride.



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