Dan Hale

Golf season is almost finally here so let’s feature the President, Mr. Dan Hale. Dan is a member of the Men’s Thursday Night League, but can can be found at Green Woods many other times for meetings or just hanging out. The Board of Directors meet on the third Tuesday of each month, members are welcome to attend. Let’s see how Dan handles our three questions.

1)When did you join GWCC? 2007

2) What is you favorite event? My favorite tournament is the Ryder Cup. When the Ryder Cup is not scheduled (every other year) my favorite tournament is the Member-Member Medley, Stan Open, Member-Member….. Oops, sorry; I guess that’s too many. Just a lot of fun!

3) Do you have a favorite moment or story? Watching Harold’s putter helicopter into the woods from the 8th Green a few years ago in the Thursday night playoffs after he missed a putt to extend the match. Sorry, Harold. Seriously there are moments every year, and I truly believe we have some of the best members; and are the best people to be around. I enjoy my “Home away from Home” every time I step on the property. I will miss my good friend Fred this year, and I wish my ex-partner Ron Marshall was still playing up here. I look forward to teeing it up every time with my friend, Zamp, because I know he gives us a chance to win. Really, my best memory is the next one.
dan hale halegroup


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