Chris Hoyt

Happy Spring Members,
For today’s spotlight we’re moving to one of our newest members. Some of you may have met Chris Hoyt at either last year’s closing banquet or at the Nationality Tournament. It was quite a start for Chris at that tournament, playing in the winning foursome, enjoying a few beverages and a great meal (thanks Smith Family). We may have set his expectations too high. Here’s Chris at the tournament.


Like many of us, Chris is staring at his clubs wishing that the snow would go away, I asked him three questions

1) What is a strength and a weakness of your game? The best part of my game would be from 20 yards in. My worst part would be off the tee
2)What tournament or event are you looking forward to this year? I can’t wait to play in the member-member.
3) What is your beverage of choice? My beverage would be a naughty nurse draught. Can’t wait to be back!!!!

So members, welcome Chris to Green Woods CC and buy him a Naughty Nurse (or whatever else we have on tap, he’s not that picky).


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